A Case Study of Two Employers

As employers begin to back away from high-deductible health plans, they are exploring innovative strategies designed to rein in unsustainable healthcare claim costs and improve the employee experience at the same time. One of those strategies is healthcare advocacy, which aims to help individuals and families navigate and optimize their use of healthcare, improving both health and financial outcomes.

But how can employers be sure advocacy is an effective solution? Can it really help control claim costs and increase satisfaction?

Hear from Accolade's Chief Actuary Carolyn Young and Senior Vice President of Business Development Matt Eurey for a discussion of the results of an independent, rigorous study of two employer groups that adopted healthcare advocacy. Designed and conducted by global professional services firm Aon, the study analyzes the healthcare claim costs of two employers using Accolade's personalized advocacy from 2014 to 2016 compared to the results of typical employers during this time period.

Listen to the on-demand recording to learn:

  • The impact of personalized advocacy on employer costs - how much was saved and where cost savings occur across the employee population
  • How personalized advocacy affects employer medical and Rx claim costs over time
  • Why a whole-population, whole-person approach to employee healthcare is critical to controlling costs and bending the medical cost trend
  • How employers can avoid placing more cost burdens on employees and improve their healthcare experience
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