Survey Results: How to Stop Confusion from Fueling Healthcare Costs

Highlights from Harris poll on what consumers really think about the healthcare experience.

Once someone needs to access healthcare, the time starts ticking to navigate options, providers, and their benefits. Every decision can impact their overall health outcome and cost. How can employers better help their employees navigate the complex healthcare system and make the right choices, at the right time? How can employers find solutions that balance rising costs and are still effective at keeping their workforce healthy? This survey digs deep to understand today's healthcare experience and opportunities for improvement.

Key findings reveal:

  • The current state of the consumer healthcare experience.
  • What is getting in the way?

What can be done to improve? The data highlighted shows employees find the healthcare system - and their benefits - confusing, while employers struggle to understand why their programs aren't working and medical costs keep rising. The survey will help you understand the pitfalls of today's consumer healthcare experience and ways to better influence outcomes and reduce overall healthcare spending.