How virtual care and personalized advocacy deliver better outcomes

As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, savvy HR executives are turning to innovative solutions like virtual care and personalized advocacy to engage their employees and deliver the right care, at the right place and time.

According to a National Business Group on Health study, the majority of large employers indicate that virtual care will play a significant role in how care is delivered in the future. Over 50 percent report that their top initiative for the year ahead is to expand implementation of virtual care services -- from general medical to behavioral health and expert medical services. Similarly, 87 percent believe navigation services are key to the future of care delivery. More employers now offer high-touch solutions that help employees understand their benefits and navigate the healthcare system — up to 39 percent from 28 percent just two years ago.

In this webinar, Opeyemi Oluwole, Vice President Member Engagement at Teladoc Health, and Umair Khan, Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Accolade, team up to discuss the ways employers aim to improve the employee experience and maximize the value of their benefits while also lowering healthcare costs.

You'll learn about:

  • How understanding consumer behavior can transform your health and benefits strategy
  • Why you need both modern technology and human expertise to simplify employee healthcare experiences
  • What a surround sound communications approach can do for benefits utilization
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