Personalizing Population Health

Making Value-Based Care Work for People and Employers

Employers - and their employees and families - have a lot to gain as U.S. healthcare transitions to a model of care that rewards value rather than volume: higher quality, better outcomes, and reduced costs. But to turn that promise into reality, employers need to fill some critical gaps in the healthcare system that providers can't - like influencing decisions beyond the hospital or clinic.

Population health management (PHM) - a data-driven strategy for analyzing a population and targeting interventions - is rapidly attracting employers determined to deliver better employee healthcare at lower cost. But the next great hope could become the next great hype unless employers take steps to avoid common PHM pitfalls, like focusing only on the highest-risk patients. To meet their goals, employers must take a proactive, personalized approach to population health.

  • Focusing only on the highest-cost, highest-risk patients is driving while looking in the rear-view mirror.
  • Want your employees to engage in their health? Give them personalized support.
  • Better employee health requires supporting people, not just treating patients.
  • Up to 85% of healthcare happens beyond the reach of doctors - support your employees where they are with personalized advocacy.

Learn how personalized advocacy makes population health management work for employers and their employees.