Personalized Healthcare: Paving the way to deliver a better employee healthcare experience

The world has changed drastically since March 2020, especially in healthcare. And some employers are taking notice and have decided to deliver a better experience for their people with Personalized Healthcare, a personal, data-driven and value-based approach. Tune in to hear how one company is taking a different approach to employee health and benefits.

Our speakers will discuss the future of virtual, personal healthcare in a post-pandemic environment and their ideas on how leaders can take advantage of this unique point in time to reimagine the healthcare experience for their people and their companies — and in so doing, help address some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing companies today. 

Join us for an insightful discussion that highlights how creating deeper healthcare engagement and the promise one of our customers is making to their people and their families. You will learn: 

  • What are the advantages and challenges of virtual healthcare delivery?  Are brick and mortar going away? 

  • How rich patient data can empower patients and providers alike to make better care decisions. 

  • How a connected virtual / physical care ecosystem could interact to fundamentally rework disconnected healthcare journeys, offer employees a superior alternative to our current system, and help position leading-edge companies as employers of choice in the ongoing competition for top talent. 

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