Personalized Advocacy

Compassion, expertise and technology working together to engage and influence employees to better health at lower cost

Employers of all sizes and across all industries are actively searching for solutions to their most pressing challenges: keeping employees healthy, keeping them happy, and reducing the spiraling costs of healthcare.

And they're evaluating all of their options - from digital navigation solutions to better analytics to new wellbeing initiatives.

To make a real impact, however, employers need a new approach to employee health and benefits that fits into each individual's life in a way that makes sense to them personally. That inspires them to be more actively involved in their health and well-being, and to use the health-related programs that address their unique needs. Personalized Advocacy is that approach.

Read the paper to understand how Personalized Advocacy is unique in combining compassion, clinical expertise and intelligent technologies to transform the employee health and benefits experience, deliver near perfect employee satisfaction, and drive unmatched healthcare cost savings.