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The path to a healthy, productive workforce is virtual

There has been a rapid rise in collaborative virtual care models and employers have a crucial role in continuing the transformation of healthcare. This white paper examines how virtual care is reshaping healthcare.

The path to a healthy, productive workforce is virtual

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The COVID-19 pandemic confirmed the adage that crises accelerate established trends. We saw this across the economy — healthcare was no different.  

Alternative delivery models like telehealth have been growing slowly for years yet transformed almost overnight into virtual primary care. Providers, insurers, regulators and patients embraced it out of necessity.  

Then something previously unexpected happened: Everyone learned that this new model could work for many situations. This also propelled the collaborative care model to the frontlines. 

Download the white paper to find out how virtual care is reshaping healthcare. 

This white paper examines: 

  • How the acceleration of virtual care happened

  • What’s changed with virtual care

  • How the stage has been set for healthcare benefits for a 21st century workforce

  • What virtual care is in concept and practice

  • How virtual care rapidly evolved due to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • How employers have a crucial role in continuing the transformation of healthcare to a patient-centered, continuous, collaborative, connected system 

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