A new approach to help your clients solve health plan challenges


Your clients face a host of challenges as they structure health benefits plans for their employees, and these challenges make it difficult for organizations to design a plan that helps with employee recruitment and retention and improves health outcomes while keeping costs in check. These organizations rely on you, as a trusted advisor, to provide them with the latest options that can address their ongoing needs.

A new strategy is emerging to help your clients better manage their employee health and wellness programs. The approach combines personalized support provided by dedicated health advisors who are supported by technology and a clinical model, and centers around the idea of population health.

View this one-hour on-demand event in which our speakers discuss new research and health and wellness strategies including:

  • What is driving changes to employee healthcare planning
  • What population health is and how it can impact planning
  • Why a population health-based strategy could be a solution to planning needs

View this no-cost opportunity to learn more about a strategy that can help you keep your clients up to date on the latest solutions to their employee healthcare planning needs.

Ivor Horn, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Accolade

Dana Jackson

VP Research


John McCormick

Editorial Director, Professional Services and Technology Groups


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