Laura Augustin

After a high-risk pregnancy, read how Laura worked with her Accolade Clinical Health Assistant to navigate the complexities of her child’s diagnosis.

Facing a high-risk pregnancy following a late-stage miscarriage, Laura Agustin found herself in conversation with Jessica Huertas, RN, an Accolade Clinical Health Assistant, at a most critical juncture in her life.

Enrolled, by Jessica, in the Accolade Maternity program, Laura benefited from Jessica's consistent outreach, educational materials, a free breast pump, and the waiver of a co-payment for the hospital admission. She also benefited from the kind of support that helped see the pregnancy through to 39 weeks.

When it became clear that the baby would need surgery to correct a congenital condition known as craniosynostosis, Jessica remained close — educating the family on the condition itself and helping to schedule a surgery that both honored Laura's desire to celebrate a first-family Christmas and also saved the family thousands of dollars in medical costs.