Are you getting the best results for your employees’ specialty medical care?

The complexity and high cost of common healthcare services like cancer care, gastric bypass, and spine surgery drives nearly 9 out of 10 employers to use Centers of Excellence (CoE) as part of their benefits strategy. The goal is to make sure employees and their family members get the highest quality care available and the best health outcomes possible while controlling costs.

But a CoE strategy alone is not the magic bullet. Employers must also find solutions to challenges like:

• How do you make employees aware that a CoE program is available?

• How do you identify employees who would benefit from using a CoE before they seek care elsewhere?

• How can you ensure your CoE strategy provides the highest quality care?

In this webinar, Amy Lodge, Senior Account Executive of Health Design Plus, and Matt Eurey, Senior Vice President of Accolade, discuss how to make your CoE strategy work for your people and your business.

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