Helping Members Manage Behavioral Health Challenges

Supporting the Whole Person with Personalized Advocacy

Every year, more than 45 million U.S. adults - about one in five - faces a mental health condition, but nearly 60% of them did not get any mental or behavioral health (BH) services the previous year. Lack of awareness of available services, the stigma attached with BH challenges, and BH symptoms themselves can stand in the way of individuals and families getting the help they need. And as members' needs go unmet, employers continue to watch their healthcare expenses grow at unsustainable rates. For instance, medical costs for treating individuals with a chronic condition and a MH/SUD co-morbidity are up to three times higher than those without a MH/SUD comorbidity.

As a first step to getting employees and their family members on the path to well-being, a trusted, personal advocate can play a pivotal role. Someone independent of the employer and health plan who can uncover BH issues, offer both expertise and empathy, provide clear information, and be available where and when an individual needs support, at any stage of health and care.

That trusted, independent and confidential resource is Accolade. Our Behavioral Health Clinicians support members with behavioral health and substance abuse issues as they navigate, access and engage in the healthcare system.