Healthcare waste and the bottom line


As stewards of organizational financial health and overall business performance, CFOs have a vital interest in ensuring the most efficient use of healthcare resources by employees and their families. Unfortunately, use of low-value care is on the rise and can cause not just physical and emotional harm but financial harm as well, to both individuals and employers. Low-value healthcare services unnecessarily drive up costs and negatively impact the financial well-being of families and the bottom line of employers. We all know this is a fundamental problem, but what can be done about it?

Hear from Susie Dade, deputy director of the Washington Health Alliance, which has begun to measure low-value care, what they're learning from the results, and what can be done to tackle the problem. Ms. Dade will be joined by Elizabeth Napolitano, Executive Vice President of People and Culture at Accolade, a personalized advocacy company. Ms. Napolitano will share examples of companies that have significantly reduced healthcare spending while improving the satisfaction of employees.

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