Employee mental health: Fight the pandemic’s lasting effect

COVID-19 has increased mental health needs, and many existing employer solutions are not measuring up. Employees are feeling more stressed than at any other point in their careers, including the Great Recession and September 11 terror attacks, and 60% of workers say they are not getting the emotional and mental health support they need during the pandemic.

As employee well-being suffers, the cost to employers is high – including lost productivity, missed work days, unwanted attrition, and 2-3 times higher medical costs. The good news? Employers can put their mental health investment to work for their people and the business.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What employees want in mental health support
  • Why investments in traditional mental health solutions are falling short
  • How to meet the full spectrum of employee mental health needs
  • How integrating mental and physical health can improve outcomes
  • How to improve mental health access and reduce healthcare costs
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