The state of employee health and well-being 2021

Employee well-being is increasingly linked with employee experience, which is an expansive concept that has grown more important in recent years. Indeed, the HR Research Institute’s most recent study of employee experience has found that about three-quarters of HR professionals report employee experience is more important than it was three years ago and that organizations are expending considerable effort on those enhancing employee experiences.

These experiences are believed to impact a range of other positive business outcomes including recruitment, retention, engagement, performance and productivity. To learn more about these issues, we undertook this study to determine the current state of employee well-being and how organizations have been trying to influence and safeguard well-being in recent times.

Read the full study to gain better insights on critical areas of healthcare such as:

  • Employers’ responses to the pandemic

  • The pandemic’s impact on well-being

  • The types of well-being that employers address

  • The effectiveness of well-being programs

  • Methods for promoting physical well-being and workplace safety

  • Mental health and stress in the workplace

  • The outcomes of well-being initiatives

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