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A higher education employer’s path to increase employee engagement

Accolade’s personalized approach to advocacy and healthcare navigation

A higher education employer’s path to increase employee engagement

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A higher education employer turned to Accolade as they searched for a benefits solution that would identify high-cost drivers among their employee population, reduce costs year-over-year and improve employee clinical engagement. Accolade Total Health & Benefits provided the university with a solution offering that met all their criteria and streamlined their employee benefits experience to be exceptional.

In this case study, you’ll learn how this employer improved employee engagement, how they saved more than half a million dollars with Accolade and provided their people, and their families, confidence throughout their healthcare journey.

Learn more about what’s on the horizon for this employer, their ongoing partnership with Accolade and how they aim to continue providing accessible care — mental and physical — to their people and their families.

Their benefits leadership team expanded their partnership with Accolade to offer Accolade’s Mental Health Integrated Care in January 2022 with results that exceeded the customer’s benchmarks.

The results showed:

  • A total return on investment of 3.46

  • 94.6% of families had engaged with Accolade

  • 100% of members with moderate or severe anxiety at intake had improved symptoms after care (see study for details)

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