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Is technology the solution for employee healthcare? It's tempting to believe that big data, AI, mobile apps, wearable sensors and other innovations will finally deliver true healthcare consumerism, ushering in an era of quality, efficiency and lower costs for employees and their employers. But how does HR turn the promise of technology into reality? It starts with understanding where and why human support is critical to work in conjunction with technology, even for the most transactional healthcare needs.

Join Accolade's Phong Nguyen, executive vice president of product management, and Umair Khan, vice president of solutions marketing, for a webinar discussion on the importance of a people plus technology approach to employee healthcare. Learn about:

  • Why technology alone can't deliver healthcare consumerism
  • Where a technology-led healthcare strategy works with human support enabling.
  • Where a person-led healthcare strategy is critical, and the supporting role technology plays.
  • Why new roles outside of providers are needed to support individuals in their healthcare journey.
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