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Aon study shows better healthcare navigation leads to savings for Accolade customers

Accolade's clinical programs get members the right healthcare for their needs while controlling costs for employers.

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An independent study conducted by Aon confirms that Accolade helps employers save money on healthcare by connecting members with the right healthcare at the right time. Accolade’s care team engages proactively with members managing multiple chronic conditions and makes sure they get all the benefits available to stay healthy.

This Personalized Healthcare approach ensures better outcomes for patients at every risk level. To learn more about how Accolade can save money and improve employee health outcomes, watch the video.

Accolade improves clinical outcomes while cutting healthcare spending by:

  • Leveraging data to identify patients who are likely to face high medical costs

  • Proactively engaging with identified patients to understand their options

  • Establishing the right care path early to avoid costly procedures later

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