Make Your Centers of Excellence Strategy Work for Your People and Your Business

Overcoming common obstacles to meeting your quality and cost objectives

“How do I find the right doctor? How much is this going to cost me?”

These are just a just a couple of questions employees face when faced with a new medical diagnosis. Navigating the healthcare maze is a daunting task, and choosing the wrong provider at the start is an expensive and dangerous first misstep.

Employers are turning to Centers of Excellence (CoE) to address this problem, but are discovering that simply adopting a CoE strategy isn’t enough. They face certain obstacles, including:

  • Quality and appropriateness of care
  • Employee awareness and utilization of CoE programs
  • Care coordination

The partnership approach adopted by Accolade and Health Design Plus, a leading administrator of CoE programs, successfully overcomes these challenges. Discover how the Accolade/HDP strategy, which combines CoE programs with personalized advocacy, has saved employers millions of dollars each year.