Accolade Provider Services

Aligning members and providers to ensure the best care

Building Trusted Relationships Between Providers and Members

Accolade has long been a leader in simplifying the employee healthcare experience to deepen member and provider relationships. Thanks to one of the largest information sources on healthcare providers and care quality, members and providers alike can connect with Accolade for personalized guidance and support throughout the entire healthcare experience. Offering integrated provider services in addition to member services further ensures effective care team communication to improve outcomes. We help our members work efficiently with their doctors while simultaneously collaborating with physicians to better support their patients before, during and after a care event.

Better Navigation for Everyone

Accolade engages members early and guides them to the highest quality providers based on their unique needs, which we uncover through clinically directed assessments, advanced data science, and innovative platform capabilities. We help members schedule appointments with the right physicians, educate and prepare them for visits, and follow up to assist with post-visit needs. Accolade deepens its interactions with providers to support the care process and fully surround the member and provider with added support. Provider services include verification of benefits and eligibility, additional utilization management services, and a single place for providers to call to address claims and billing issues – regardless of the insurance carrier.

Data Intelligence Improves Care

Accolade develops innovative ways to help our customers drive better outcomes and lower costs through early identification of care needs and of information-sharing with providers. Big data, expanded early warning signals, predictive analytics, machine learning, and a modern technology platform all enhance and expand our provider interactions to ensure members get the right care. Accolade has a 360-degree view of each member based on their health history and trusted interactions over time, giving us a unique understanding of each member’s care needs. That means we can fill critical gaps for providers about their patients’ life context and social determinants of health, all of which play a significant role in health outcomes.