Accolade and Employers Present the Power of Personalized Advocacy at Healthcare Industry Events Across the Country

Accolade Executives Introduce Healthcare Innovation Strategies that Improve Health Outcomes and Employee Experience at Conference Board East and West, NBGH, HLTH, Evolve 2018 and Other Events

PUBLISH DATE: March 6, 2018


NEW YORK – March 6, 2018 – With today’s low unemployment and rising healthcare costs, employers are readdressing their long-term healthcare strategies and rethinking how to best delight employees and their families. Accolade is leading this movement from traditional advocacy towards personalized advocacy, with an approach that delivers better health outcomes and high employee satisfaction year over year for employers of all sizes.


Accolade will join top U.S. employers at various events to present high-touch, high-tech health and benefits solutions that work. In March, AmeriGas benefits leader Andy Rosa will share why the company chose Personalized Advocacy from Accolade, with staggering results around cost savings, and employee satisfaction and engagement with benefits. Accolade President Rob Cavanaugh joins Rosa at Conference Board East, with Accolade CEO Rajeev Singh joining at Conference Board West to reveal why flexibility and integration with carriers and third-party administrators can unlock new results.


Unlike traditional advocacy strategies, personalized advocacy blends human and data intelligence, culled from relationships with compassionate advisors, deep clinical expertise and intelligent technologies.  This combination of high touch and high tech works to address the whole person – behavioral, social, lifestyle, community – not just health conditions. “As employers look at advocacy solutions this year, we encourage comparisons to those that engage employees once they enter the healthcare system or lean entirely on data, versus those that provide personalized support with trusted advisors that engage early when influencing decisions about health can have life-changing and life-saving impact,” said Cavanaugh.


Accolade will share the value of Personalized Advocacy at the following events this spring:


  • Live Webinar – March 7, Online – Cavanaugh and Lowe’s Head of Rewards and Employee Experience Gregor Teusch, address opportunities for employers to meet employee health and wellness expectations. Register online here.


  • The Conference Board East and West – March 9 and March 28 – AmeriGas benefits leader Andy Rosa joins Accolade at the New York and San Diego events to present the benefits of Personalized Advocacy. Event details are here.


  • Integrated Benefits Institute Annual Forum – March 13, San Francisco – Sedgwick CEO and President Dave North, Walgreens Senior Director of Safety and Injury Management Anas Al-Hamwi, and Accolade CEO Rajeev Singh will discuss why whole-person advocacy is better for both employee health and business. Forum details are online here.


  • National Business Group on Health – April 18-20, Washington DC – A top U.S. employer and Accolade customer will share effective strategies for building an exceptional benefits experience that improve health outcomes while saving employers money. Event details are online here.


  • HLTH – May 6-9, Las Vegas – Accolade CEO Rajeev Singh will join leading decision-makers across healthcare – health systems, plans, benefits leaders, start-ups – to discuss the future of healthcare at this flagship industry event. Event details are online here.


  • Evolve Series – Accolade continues its innovation showcase and insightful content with health and benefits leaders across the country, examining the latest trends in healthcare, technology and strategy collaboration. More information here.


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