Collaborators. Game changers. Partners.

Employers. Health plans. Consultants. Benefits programs and tools. No matter the size, our goal is always big: Bend the cost trend and turn health benefits into an asset – not a costly expense.

The Accolade effect. Learn how we are reinventing healthcare.


Partnerships. Alliances.

Consultants are trusted advisors in healthcare. Accolade is the trusted concierge for people striving for better health. We can do even more together.

Accolade amplifies the effects of the full health plan solution. Our unique combination of high tech and personal touch means we increase utilization of every aspect of the existing health plan. Let’s work together to maximize the value of every employer benefit. To the benefit of everyone.

You need more from your healthcare investments.

We make it simple. Use of your other healthcare programs and tools will go up. So will your ROI.

Across our customer base, Accolade is responsible for:

  • 60% of usage for telemedicine programs
  • 80% of referrals to second opinion services
  • 2-10x greater use of other health programs and tools
  • 10% or more reduction in total cost of healthcare
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate
  • Industry-leading Net Promoter Score™ of 70

You need more from your healthcare investments. We make it simple.


Accolade, Limeade Announce Alliance to Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Our new alliance supports our focus on providing the best healthcare experience for our clients. For shared customers, Accolade Health Assistants will raise awareness about Limeade and encourage their valuable benefits. Similarly, Limeade will feature Accolade in its well-being programs to drive awareness and increase use of our service.

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Added benefits programs. Third-party solutions. Applications and tools.

More than 40% of consumers don’t use existing health and wellness benefits. Accolade increases usage of your tools and solutions by 2-10x. Partner with us to ensure your solutions aren’t just in the plan, they’re being used to help people achieve better health.

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