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Get an in-depth understanding of how Accolade solutions can help your organization and your people with an exceptional healthcare experience.


We can help you with these and many other questions.

Benefits and claims

How do I get a new medical ID card? Does my insurance cover this test or procedure? Why did I get this bill?

Provider support

Can you help me find a new doctor? What questions should I ask before my surgery? Where can I go to get this MRI?

Care and conditions

Do I have other treatment options? Is there a generic version of my prescription? I was diagnosed with diabetes. Now what?

We would have just been living with our son’s condition because we didn’t have a treatment plan. My Accolade Health Assistant really helped us and pretty much changed our lives.

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It's as easy as "Hello".

Today’s healthcare system is complex, with so much confusing information and too much paperwork. Just finding the right answer to all our questions takes more time than any of us have.

Now, you and your family can ask Accolade your healthcare questions. Our team takes the time to get to know you, understand your needs and support you in finding the right care at the right time.


Download the Accolade mobile app or visit to access all your benefits, all in one place, and connect with an Accolade Health Assistant.


Accolade Health Assistants take the time to get to know you, so they can help you make the healthcare decisions that are right for you.

Can’t get to your appointment due to car problems? Stressed over recent life changes or finances? We want to know so we can help.

I received a confusing bill from my primary care doctor and wasn’t sure about my next steps.

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Small. Big. Colossal. Your questions answered.

Connect with an Accolade Health Assistant whenever you need healthcare help. No question is too big or too small, and any information you share is confidential. Ask Accolade as many questions as you want — we’re ready to help.

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