Personalized help with TRICARE Select® Navigator, administered by Accolade

Figuring out how to manage a health issue or which doctor to see isn't always easy. Add in frequent moves and the need to find new health care providers, the difficulty only increases. With TRICARE Select Navigator, administered by Accolade, beneficiaries get help from a nurse who takes the time to get to know them and their family.

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What is the TRICARE Select Navigator program?

What services does TRICARE Select Navigator offer?

Is TRICARE Select Navigator available to all TRICARE Select beneficiaries?

Is there an extra cost for this service?


Will I be assigned a dedicated Accolade nurse?

Can I talk only to my assigned Accolade nurse?

Can I switch Accolade nurses?

Will Accolade nurses ever contact me directly?

How and when can I contact Accolade?

Can Accolade provide support if I’m traveling?


How is my privacy protected?

Does Accolade comply with federal privacy laws such as HIPAA?

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