Let's talk tickers

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A message from (and for) the heart.

Talking tickers — or health in general — not your favorite topic? You’re human. And we’re Accolade.

Yes, we’re also humans — a team of Health Assistants on a mission. Not to lecture, to help.

A wealth of health and benefits info.


Accolade is a confidential health and benefits service provided — at no additional cost to you — as part of your benefits. You and your family can ask Accolade for help with your health or benefits questions, big or small.


Your Accolade Health Assistant works with your providers and health plan, not for them. Which means your Health Assistant can’t share your health information without your permission. (Still skeptical? There’s something called HIPAA that guarantees it.)

You'll (heart) your Health Assistant!

Heart-y hints for a healthier you.

We’re here to help with a healthier you every day. It can start with baby steps. Like these easy-to-incorporate-into-your-routine ideas for a healthier heart


Get your greens on.

It’s not as hard as you think to fit in those veggies. Blend your greens into a smoothie. Or sneak some into tonight’s soup — we’ll never tell.


Score - a parking spot in the middle of nowhere!

You can get your move on just about anywhere. Try taking the stairs or parking farther away. Imagine the time you’ll save searching for the perfect spot. You just might like it. (We know your heart will.)


Cue the laugh track.

Finally, an excuse to tell your favorite joke again (cut to your BFF’s eyeroll.) Studies show that laughter helps reduce blood pressure and lowers stress hormones.

Accolade is a confidential health and benefits service provided — at no additional cost to you — by your employer. Your Health Assistant is ready to help, so don’t let another moment tick by!

And now a few words from our members...

“[My Health Assistant] called to see how I was doing; she is the sweetest, caring person. She talked to me for a while because I was not feeling well, asked me questions that my doctor did not ask, and made me feel important. She asked a lot of questions to help me understand why things happen and how to take care of myself. I loved talking to her — she really cares. Thanks for great customer service!”