Videos - Accolade Healthcare Concierge

Tiffany Turns to Accolade Mobile in Time of Crisis

Accolade Member, Tiffany, talks about the convenience of the mobile app and how easy it was to reach her Health Assistant when she needed her most.

Accolade Health Assistant Overview

From provider searchers to behavior health – take a look at how our Health Assistants overcome obstacles and help like no one else can.

Jerry’s Story – A Shared Journey in Health

Watch how Jerry successfully overcame several health issues, saved money and became more informed with Accolade.

How Accolade Helps Comcast Achieve Real Engagement in Healthcare

Shawn Leavitt, SVP of global benefits at Comcast, discusses engagement and their experience with Accolade.

Behind the Scenes at Accolade

A look inside Accolade and how the combination of human touch and technology combine to benefit our customers and consumers alike.

Achieving Real Engagement Video

Accolade leaders discuss what 'real' engagement is and how to achieve it.

Consumer Hassles in Healthcare and the Accolade Approach

Watch this video and hear from consumers, clients and Accolade insiders to learn how we are reinventing the healthcare experience.

How Mary’s Chronic Pain was Relieved and her Joy Renewed

This real client story shows how Accolade lead to a life-changing diagnosis.

How Accolade Helps Lowe’s Achieve Real Engagement in Healthcare

Former SVP of Compensation and Benefits for Lowe's, Bob Ihrie, on engagement and their experience with Accolade.