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Getting Employees the Right Care at the Right Time: Temple University Health System Improves Care and Reduces Costs

With rising healthcare costs and generous access to health system resources, Temple University Health System needed to find a solution to help its employees use care more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Laura Augustin

After a high-risk pregnancy, read how Laura worked with her Accolade Clinical Health Assistant to navigate the complexities of her child’s diagnosis.


Accolade in Action: Greg needed a heart transplant, but he also needed someone to talk to, tackle paperwork and claims, and help navigate his complex health procedures.

Jerry Kostruko

Accolade and Jerry are a great health team. See how we helped him on his health journey – empowering him to ask better questions, understand his options, and save money.

Mary Reese

After dealing with chronic back pain for years and attempting to navigate the healthcare system on her own, Mary turned to Accolade for support. The outcome changed her life.

Christina Espina

This real client story shows how Accolade helped a new mother understand her son’s health concerns, simplify insurance issues and find the specialist he needed.