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Health data: your key to healthier employees and a healthier bottom line.

There’s a lot of talk about “big data” changing the game in healthcare, but when it comes to the health and well-being of your workforce, personal health data is the key. You just need to open the door.

Better Decisions, Better Health, and Better Business:

If your key success metric for your 2018 health benefit plan is containing the growth of healthcare costs to 5%, you can do a whole lot better.

Getting Employees the Right Care at the Right Time: Temple University Health System Improves Care and Reduces Costs

With rising healthcare costs and generous access to health system resources, Temple University Health System needed to find a solution to help its employees use care more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Driving healthcare savings and satisfaction; Accolade methodology and results.

Drive down healthcare costs. Improve the healthcare experience. With the right approach to healthcare, self-insured employers can do both. Combining high-touch human interaction and advanced technologies, Accolade’s solution empowers individuals and their families to navigate the complex healthcare system.

Aberdeen Report: Employee Health and Well-being Winning the Tech Sector

Best-in-class tech companies are 49% more likely than all others (80% vs. 41%) to use employee well-being solutions as part of their strategy for incentivizing their workforce. Download this article to learn why.

Aberdeen Report: Humanizing Wellness: Using Advisors for Employee Well-being

Download this Aberdeen report to understand how providing access to a real advisor creates a more positive relationship between employees and management. You’ll also discover how an advisor strategy can help improve health outcomes and become a powerful employee incentive. Now that’s good data.

EBN: Why a Whole-listic Approach Can Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve.

People are the best predictors of their future healthcare needs. This article explores why traditional health models fail and why the need to address both mind and body is critical to success in reducing healthcare costs.

New Cures for Health Costs

Innovative ways to engage employees by David McCann,

Survey Results: How to Stop Confusion from Fueling Healthcare Costs

Highlights from Harris poll on what consumers really think about the healthcare experience.

2016: Year of HDHP & Employee Engagement

Learn the major developments in employer-sponsored benefits and how companies can increase adoption of their related support tools and programs.