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Rajeev Singh


"The opportunity to change even one person's health journey for the better is so powerful. To build something - together with a team of people with the same passion - that could help millions of people and positively impact the trajectories of their lives is worthy of a single-minded obsession. That's why I am here at Accolade."

Rajeev Singh is the CEO and chair of the board of directors at Accolade (Nasdaq: ACCD). Singh joined Accolade as CEO in November of 2015. Under his leadership, Accolade became a publicly traded company in 2020 and integrated four companies in over $1 billion in acquisitions. In 2022, Accolade launched Personalized Healthcare, a new category of healthcare.

Prior to Accolade, Singh co-founded Concur (Nasdaq: CNQR), the global leader in travel and expense management. Concur went public in 1998, growing to more than $800 million in revenue, over 4,000 employees, and more than 25,000 customers before being acquired by SAP AG for $8.3 billion in 2014. Singh was president, chief operating officer, and a member of the board of directors.

Singh currently serves on the board of Amperity, an intelligent customer data platform, based in Seattle. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Western Michigan University.