Solutions for Health Plans

Together, we deliver an exceptional member experience.

Unmatched Member Satisfaction and
Lower Total Cost of Care

Results unseen in healthcare – that’s what Accolade helps health plans deliver. We integrate with health plan clinical programs, services and partners to engage more members early and throughout their healthcare experiences. By uniquely combining high-touch and high-tech, Accolade brings a new level of personalized health and benefits support to each individual. The result? Better healthcare decisions, more efficient use of healthcare resources, and unmatched satisfaction and savings.

Collaborative Approach

Accolade works in lockstep with you to support your goals, aligning with your network and benefits strategy. We increase the use of health plan programs, services and partners. We drive earlier identification of high-cost claimants, and improve performance on HEDIS quality measures and Medicare Star ratings.

Trusted Advisors

Personal touch. Empathy. Trust. Accolade Health Assistants, supported by a team of clinicians and health specialists, get to know members and their families. We establish long-term, trusted relationships that enable us to uncover and overcome barriers to care, connecting members to the right resources at the right time.

Open Technology Platform

Advanced technology empowers our team to drive new levels of efficiency and personalization in supporting members. Rich data profiles provide a 360-degree view of each member, capturing all of the life factors that affect their health and care. Each profile is enhanced with every member interaction.

Your Health Plan and Our Personalized Approach

More engagement, more often

We talk to members 5-10 times more frequently than traditional solutions. We reach 90% of high-cost claimants 24 times per year (on average).

All health needs

We support all medical and behavioral health needs. By understanding life issues and removing barriers, Accolade improves adherence and health outcomes.

Unprecedented influence

The Accolade technology platform provides a complete health picture and history of each member – arming our Health Assistants with current, actionable information that informs outreach and follow-up.

Increased utilization

By integrating all of your programs and tools in one seamless environment, Accolade significantly improves utilization and the member experience while reducing medical claims spend, too.

Superior Results Across the Board



90% of all healthcare spend



65% of the total population



Influence 67% of the time before a care event



~5% of total cost of care



60+ Net Promoter Score



98% member satisfaction

The Accolade Experience

I have called Accolade with questions on billing, coverage, doctors in network, and other items. The thing I like best is I don't have to start from ground zero. They know my history and have a very good grasp of my benefits. Their knowledge has helped me navigate many situations. Recently I entered into preparations for surgery and they were invaluable to me with advice. I highly recommend Accolade!
AmeriHealth New Jersey member