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Health equity for everyone

Every person deserves the right healthcare

We believe in equitable access to the right healthcare regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identification, geographic location or disability.

Health equity at Accolade

One approach or single initiative won’t create health equity. That’s why health equity is built into everything we do. It’s included in our clinical and engagement models, our solutions, technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It’s reflected in our diverse care teams, who get to know each and every person we serve. Diversity is in our DNA, from our Leadership Team and Board of Directors to all our Accolade teams.


Health equity is built in, from concordant and contextual care to our use of data to best support each person.


We have a long-standing commitment to diversity, from the Board Challenge to our everyday hiring practices.

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Our clinical model

Our clinical approach to health equity has three areas of focus:

Concordant care

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Our diverse 24/7 Care Team supports every person’s needs with empathy and understanding, meeting people where they are and connecting them with who they’re most comfortable.

Accolade doctors 62% female 40% BIPOC

Health Assistants 65% BIPOC

Contextual care

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Our providers actively ask members about life circumstances that are relevant to their care. A study published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety shows that Accolade is more than 30% more likely than traditional providers to incorporate contextual factors into care plans.

Social determinants of health

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Our robust data sets and predictive modelling help us better understand people’s lives. We currently examine 19 social determinants of health (SDOH) traits, many of which can be identified using claims data.

Social determinants of health

Diversity at Accolade

At Accolade, we believe that our teams should reflect the diversity of the people we help every day. Understanding different life experiences and points of view informs how we build our solutions and how we help each unique individual get to the right healthcare. As of January 2022, 70% of our company is female and 43% are people of color. We’re committed to supporting you, whoever you are.

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Health equity is important for everyone

Health equity is achieved when... no one is disadvantaged from achieving [their health] potential because of social position or other socially determined circumstances.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)