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Health equity starts at work

Employers matter

A healthcare and benefits strategy that explicitly addresses health equity for marginalized employees ultimately improves care for all employees.

Health equity is a healthcare imperative

Until everyone has equitable access to the care they need, we can’t consider the healthcare system a success. That’s why Accolade endorses The Quintuple Aim for healthcare improvement – one where the pursuit of health equity is valued alongside tenets like improving the healthcare experience and reducing costs. We’re helping employers build a healthcare system that works for every person, regardless of their race, geographic location or other factors.

Diagram outlining the Quintuple Aim for Healthcare of Advancing Health Equity, Enhancing Patient Experience, Addressing Healthcare Worker Burnout, Lowering Costs, Improving Population Health.

Leading employers embrace health equity

Health equity is an economic and ethical imperative for employers on the frontline of change. Benefits strategies strive to keep employees healthy but face significant structural barriers throughout our healthcare system. Leading employers optimize their offerings by addressing social determinants of health, expanding virtual primary and mental healthcare access and making plans easy to navigate.  

Accolade finds and removes barriers to equitable care

Equitable access to healthcare is built into everything we do. Our services are engineered to care, creating trusted connections with each member. We understand health in the context of your employees’ lives so we can guide them to the right care and support them in addressing barriers. Our clinical model is built on dependable processes based on accurate data so our care teams can make relevant recommendations for every person.

Built from the ground up to support health equity

Our approach focuses on three areas to close health equity gaps and improve access to healthcare for every person:


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Accolade’s Care Team reflects the diversity of the populations they serve so they can create trusting connections with each member. Care Team members are uniquely trained to continuously identify and remove barriers to care.


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Accolade’s purpose-built approach addresses inequities in healthcare with predictive engagement, proactive care and influence and ongoing awareness - allowing us to reach members impacted by all social determinants of health.

Interventions & partners

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Accolade’s interventions address both clinical and non-clinical needs impacting health outcomes, thereby deepening our ability to close equity gaps alongside our Trusted Partner Ecosystem.

Equitable LGBTQIA+ Care

Accolade Care Teams are trained to be experts in healthcare and benefits navigation for all the communities we serve, understanding their needs and directing them to the support they need. LGTBQIA+ members can count on our Care Teams for gender affirmative care, reproductive care options and mental health support. Accolade also partners with FOLX Health to connect LGBTQIA+ members with providers who understand their needs and have experience treating them.

Health equity is for everyone

We call for the widespread adoption of the Quintuple Aim, which has the potential to shift quality improvement efforts in a meaningful way by making health equity an explicit aim.

Dr. Shantanu Nundy, Accolade chief medical officer