Leading Healthcare Transformation at the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit

To change healthcare for the better, there needs to be leaders willing to disrupt the status quo. What steps are necessary to drive innovation and transformation of healthcare in a meaningful way while improving your bottom line?

November 6, 2017
Fairmount Dallas | Dallas, TX

It's time to bend the healthcare cost curve. Schedule a meeting with us in Dallas, TX and take steps towards better employee engagement and cost savings through innovative technologies and personalized care.

About the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit:

This year's summit, Industry Interrupted: Delivering on the Promise of Change, will convene an exclusive group of senior leaders - both incumbents and new players, across a dozen healthcare sectors - committed to innovation and transformation.

Accolade is a Sponsor at the 2017 summit.

Learn more by reading the free whitepaper, Driving healthcare savings and satisfaction; Accolade methodology and results.