Elevate Your Employee Benefits with Accolade Connect

Optimize Existing HR Strategies

The first solution to bring all benefits programs into one convenient platform with on-demand expert support and direct access to Nurses.


The best in health and benefits — for everyone

Delight Employees and Family Members

Looking for your HSA? Your 401K? Your EAP or telemedicine? (What the heck is all that?) When you ask Accolade, it's simple. Now you have a single place to go to for all your benefits questions and needs. Someone who knows you and your benefits is a secure mobile or online message away. Accolade Health Assistants and Nurses are at hand to provide help tailored to your needs and life context.

Empower Your HR Benefits Teams

At last, a single solution to all your health and benefits challenges. Accolade Connect integrates all your existing employee benefits into one modern platform, simplifying and improving the experience for your whole team. Even better, it's designed to scale as your programs and needs evolve over time. We make it easy to do more with less, while giving you the rich data and reporting tools you need to best manage, analyze, enhance and communicate about your total rewards program.

Drive Better Results

Put personalized advocacy in the hands of each employee and good things will happen. Not just for them and HR, but for the business, too. Look forward to a healthier and happier workforce, less healthcare waste, better outcomes and rapid return on your investment. Stop waiting, start innovating.

The fastest path to a modern employee healthcare and benefits experience.

"We are always looking for ways to help our people better manage their benefits and healthcare. Accolade Connect puts all of our benefits programs in one place for our teams and provides personal health assistants."


Personalized advice, right when your employees need it

Benefits Programs

Our Health Assistants guide employees to the right plan and relevant benefits — like second opinion, wellness and financial assistance.

Billing and Claims

Our Specialists clarify the complexities, answer questions and resolve issues related to bills, claims and payments.

Medical and Rx

Our Nurses and Clinical Experts provide personalized support for medical and medication needs.


Our Health Assistants and Nurses are the first line of support for members, bringing them a unique blend of benefits expertise, empathy, critical thinking, and a passion for helping others.

Our Health Assistants partner with a deep, multidisciplinary team of Registered Nurses, Doctors, Behavioral Clinicians, Pharmacists and Specialists averaging 18 years of clinical experience.



Accolade Connect is an open platform that drives meaningful engagement across your benefits ecosystem. Its foundation of personalized advocacy supports member relationships while boosting the value of your entire HR strategy, now and into the future.

Accolade applies intelligence and reveals insights to deliver personalized support for your employees and your benefits team at the right time.


Digital-only tools fail to engage. See why it takes people plus technology to make an impact.

Any Benefits Question. Any Healthcare Need.

Just Ask Accolade

Exceptional employee experience.

It takes human compassion and expertise combined with open, intelligent technologies to advance the employee healthcare and benefits experience.


Accolade helps thousands of people every day with situations just like
Tiffany’s — and yours.


“I used the app to ask for help and immediately someone contacted me. Also a nurse contacted me to understand my symptoms, and provided recommendations based on my situation. I am happy about this great experience and believe my company is making the correct choice to work with Accolade.”