September 12, 2018

Why Accolade, Why Now

By Kat Snider


I've watched Accolade for years from the sidelines, both as a consultant at Aon and in Benefits with Fidelity Investments. The care Accolade delivers to consumers of healthcare ensures that people's whole lives and their employers' businesses are both exceptionally supported.

I've worked in the healthcare space for more than two decades and have seen interesting businesses come and go — businesses that have the right missions, but not the right models, and those with great business models but not the right blend of technology, compassion and tenacity needed for tackling healthcare. I am thrilled to join a company that has the right balance and focus necessary to support businesses and the people who put in the hard work to keep those businesses going and growing.

At Accolade, I am responsible for the company's health plan strategy and related initiatives, and I work with an exceptional team of leaders on an operations strategy that supports significant growth for the customers and the members we serve. As my career path shows, I am a serial loyalist with tremendous passion for my previous companies and commitment to moving their missions and visions forward. Because of that, it took more than a compelling pitch to move me. The answer to the “why Accolade, why now” questions are four-fold:

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