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What is Personalized Healthcare?

November 02, 2021 | 3 min read

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Every person has their own health needs, risks and lifestyle choices. That’s why creating a personalized healthcare experience for your people and their families matters. But what is Personalized Healthcare?

Think whole-person healthcare. We believe the best opportunity to positively impact people’s lives is with healthcare, and our Personalized Healthcare takes a personal, data driven and value based approach to provide an exceptional healthcare experience. 

Personalized, patient-centered care

Relationships matter. With Accolade, people are treated like individuals. Personalized Healthcare provides human connections that improve health outcomes. Our relationships with people extend from helping them understand their benefits to building long-term relationships between providers and patients. 

Our approach intertwines physical and mental health to always understand the whole person. Our 24/7 Care Team, physicians and specialists listen, get to know people and help them choose the right care path. Mental, physical and contextual aspects of each person’s life are focused on to provide the best patient-centered care. And we stay in touch with people so we can establish long-term relationships to best support them at any stage of their journey. 

Data driven to understand the entire population

We use data to understand the entire population through a platform that enables our team to better serve people. We are unbiased in our approach and our platform helps us alleviate healthcare inequities.

Our doctors and care teams are empowered with real-time data and AI that gives them information to focus on offering the best care options. Our technology helps us make tailored, personalized recommendations to drive better patient outcomes.

We build a complete view of a person’s healthcare journey with electronic medical records, claims data and more to create a proactive, personalized healthcare experience. Our technology enables us to immediately provide the right healthcare options, from virtual care or specialist appointments to a second opinion or prescription refill.

Value-based, patient-centered care

We’re tailoring healthcare to people’s unique needs to put the patient at the center of care. This includes eliminating silos between physical and mental health and understanding the context of people’s lives. This means that people never feel unseen.

Our providers have full visibility into everything about a patient. This creates an uninterrupted healthcare journey where people don’t have to inform doctors or specialists about their needs, past care or current prescriptions. We’re with people every step of the way.

Our partners deliver treatments plans for specific needs, including diabetes, fertility and musculoskeletal issues. Our team is always there for your people. We provide support from our Care Team with convenient access via phone, our app and secure messaging. 

Personalized Healthcare equals whole-person healthcare

With Personalized Healthcare, we provide a personal, data-driven and value-based approach — whole-person care for your people and their families. It’s a powerful way to deliver healthcare, and it’s the next step in the employee experience. It’s patient-centered care that tailors healthcare to people’s individual needs. 

This is the future of healthcare, and the future is now. To learn more about Personalized Healthcare contact us today.

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