September 18, 2018

The Right Tools to Personalize the Employee Experience

By Cari Murray


Employers across all industries are exploring various strategies to shrink sky-high healthcare costs for their employees. They have struggled to find a simple solution — alarmingly demonstrated by recent research from National Business Group on Health that shows employers can expect to pay close to $15,000 per employee for healthcare benefits next year.

Even population health management, which many leaders view as the next big movement for reducing employee healthcare costs, can face the same pitfalls as traditional disease management models.

That's because true population health requires a commitment to personalization.

The Power of True Personalization

Personalized advocacy is a new approach for employee health and benefits. Unlike digital navigation platforms, concierge or other healthcare advocacy solutions, it combines compassionate human interaction, clinical expertise and intelligent technologies to create trusted relationships and deep insight about the unique needs of each member at every stage of health.

The high-touch, high-tech approach engages people in their health and well-being, often before they even enter the healthcare system. Connecting with individuals before they have a health need — rather than waiting for a claims or utilization management trigger — is foundational.

Personalized guidance and recommendations influence people to make better healthcare decisions and connects them to the right resources they need at the right time.

Personalized Advocacy Essentials


Not sure what a successful strategy looks like in practice? Accolade has you covered. Today, we released a few new resources designed to help you build the key elements of personalized advocacy into your existing health and benefits program:

Still feeling overwhelmed? We are always here to help you understand your business's unique opportunities for personalizing the employee experience and lowering your healthcare spend.

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