October 28, 2019

The Accolade Partner Ecosystem: Best-in-class Partners for Better Health and Better Business

By Neil Sharma, Accolade Vice President of Platforms and Ecosystem

“Partner ecosystems in healthcare.” You've heard the term. A lot. Any company working to improve healthcare outcomes, costs and experiences knows that you can't do it alone. Building an ecosystem means building a platform of partnerships that create value for people, and success for all companies involved. But it takes a lot more than a signed contract.


📷It's no surprise that both employers and their benefit providers are not finding the right value in their partnerships. Companies are confused about which solutions to select, how to set and measure their performance, and - perhaps most importantly - how to get their people to actually use the benefits designed for them. Accolade addresses every one of those struggles, and the difference comes when your benefit strategies involves doing the right thing for people - every time, all the time. Our partner ecosystem plays a key role in this approach.

We focus on our members' health journey and how we can surround them with the personalized support they need to have a successful - and even delightful - healthcare and benefits experience. Through navigation, advocacy, care coordination and a motivated ecosystem of solutions partners, our ecosystem is aligned around the thinking that you will succeed if you do the right thing for people. Over the past three years, we have been committed to this idea that, at the right point in the healthcare journey, the most appropriate solutions can be introduced to better the lives of our members.

It starts with being selective in the type of partners that culturally fit our desire to provide the most clinically compelling solution. For every important clinical category, we try to understand the needs of the 1.5 million people that Accolade supports today. We then work through a rigorous methodology to select market leaders, innovators and change agents that truly fit those definitions. This underlying philosophy has propelled our partner ecosystem to grow three fold during 2019, but it's not the partners and Accolade alone.

One example of a proven solution within our partner ecosystem is Livongo, a company that offers a whole person platform for people with chronic conditions to manage all aspects of their health. Through data science, Livongo offers its members clinically-based insights that make it easier to stay healthy. The Livongo platform is proven to deliver an experience that members love while driving positive clinical and financial outcomes. Livongo's member-first approach and proven outcomes are a great example of how we can introduce our employer customers to personalized solutions that improve the overall care journey for their employees and families.

Our partners today include 2nd.MD, Health Design Plus, Hinge Health, Limeade, Livongo, MeQuilibrium, Omada, Ovia, Sedgwick, and Teladoc, along with new partners Kaia Health, Rx Savings Solutions, and Virta Health. Our partners are seeing increased utilization with Accolade Health Assistants, mobile and online applications, and activation campaigns that work together to present personalized recommendations and insights to members at the right time for each of them. And our employer customers are the key to our success in this symbiotic relationship.

Our customers seek out world-class advocacy coupled with organic solutions and push us to raise the solutions partnership bar in several critical areas:

    The best market recommendations
    Hybrid governance to flexibly manage a number of solutions
    Speed to market launch mechanism
    Meaningful integrations that work for everyone
    Consistent contracting and billing
    Freedom of selection that fits a company's requirements
    Culturally aligned partners

To create and deliver a meaningful partner ecosystem, the member's health and experience must be central in the business equation. Best-in-class programs must be strategically selected and seamlessly integrated into that experience. Educating and supporting people in how and when to use their benefits is paramount. Intelligence and analytics at the core help power the full cycle. And finally, compassionate and personal support from nurses and health assistants ensures people get what they need when they need it most.

Our new slate of partners is a great representation of why our partner ecosystem sees the results it does. Our new partners represent the best, most innovative providers in their categories. They're doing things differently themselves - and guess who they put at the center of their strategies? That's right. They put people there too

We are thrilled to welcome our new ecosystem partners into the Accolade family:

  • Kaia Health helps employers tackle the high medical costs and productivity loss caused by Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders. Using unique technology and behavioral health coaches, Kaia provides a multi-model pain management program consisting of physical exercises, education and mindfulness/relaxation exercises. The Kaia app is available on any phone or tablet and provides a daily 15-min program that is tailored to each users' unique needs.
  • Rx Savings Solutions - Announced separately today, Rx Savings Solutions offers an innovative, patented engagement software system that empowers employers and employees to be educated consumers of healthcare. Its proactive, personalized prescription guidance delivers the best pharmacy benefit experience at the lowest cost for employers and their people.
  • Virta Health provides the first treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery. In clinical trials, 60% of Virta's members achieved diabetes reversal and 94% of insulin users reduced or eliminated usage altogether. With results that extend even beyond diabetes to other areas of metabolic and cardiovascular health—including blood pressure, inflammation, liver function, and BMI—Virta is changing the way the market considers addressing chronic conditions.

Healthcare is a team sport, and we're thrilled to keep expanding our team with the very best partners in healthcare and benefits. We welcome new employers to learn more about our unique approach and engage Accolade to make your benefits really work for your people and your business.

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