May 3, 2017

A Simpler, Better Experience for Employers and Employees

By Accolade Marketing

The complexity of the fragmented healthcare system can overwhelm any employee trying to make choices about care - choices that work for them and for their employer.

This is especially true when it comes to leaves of absence. Hurt on the job, facing a new diagnosis, or needing time away to care for a family member - major unexpected life events can present daunting challenges when it comes to navigating the web of healthcare options, insurance and benefits.

We need to make it simpler. Simpler for employees to get the best care possible that fits their lives. Simpler to understand employer policies and benefits regarding worker's compensation and disability. Easier and faster for employees to get the financial assistance they're due. And we need to help them get back to living a full and productive life more smoothly.


Accolade and Sedgwick have come together to do just that. To help employees overcome the challenges of unexpected events, we're combining Sedgwick's expertise with Accolade's dedicated, compassionate Health Assistants and advanced technology platform. Together we'll be offering a “whole health solution” that will ease the uncertainty surrounding leave of absence and disability while also reducing claim durations, lost work days, and claim costs.

At the core of our collaboration is data - thousands of data assets from Sedgwick related to worker's compensation, disability, leave of absence and job accommodations integrated with claims and a wide range of personal health data. The Accolade intelligence engine uses the data to empower Health Assistants to provide the most personalized support possible to employees.

Together, Accolade and Sedgwick are committed to setting a new standard for simplification and efficiency, and we're excited to get started. To learn more about the relationship, see the press release.