February 26, 2019

Uncovering the Secret of a Personalized Healthcare Experience: People + Technology

By Cari Murray


It's tempting to believe that big data, AI, mobile apps, wearable sensors and other digital innovations will deliver true healthcare consumerism. Why else would HR and benefits leaders invest so much time and resources into new technology that promises to bring better healthcare experiences to their employees? 📷

These digital solutions can work — but only when coupled with personalized support from human beings.

People + Technology = Consumer-Centric Healthcare Experiences

In a recent Employee Benefits News webinar, “Don't Believe the Hype: Technology Alone Won't Solve Your Healthcare Benefits Challenges”, Accolade explored the importance of a people plus technology approach to employee healthcare.

According to Phong Nguyen, Accolade's executive vice president of product management, people are often driven by emotion instead of reason when they make healthcare decisions, especially as it relates to chronic conditions, behavioral health, pregnancy or other deeply personal concerns. This is where technology solutions are limited in scope and why many have fallen short of expectations.

“Digital health solutions alone, no matter how sophisticated or slick they might be, are useless without supportive and compassionate human interactions that build trust,” Nguyen said.

His colleague Umair Khan, vice president of solutions marketing, echoed this sentiment. When executed right, he said, technology accentuates the power of human interaction. Both combine to help consumers make smarter healthcare choices — which ultimately creates a more meaningful (and less expensive) experience for everyone involved.

What It Takes to Reinvent Healthcare

The organizations that recognize they need both modern technology and human expertise will be the ones that succeed in reinventing their employees' healthcare experiences.

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