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Bringing Personalized Healthcare to life: Accolade’s capabilities and solutions

September 21, 2021 | 4 min read

Over the past year, we’ve added 2nd.MD and PlushCare to the Accolade family. This unique combination of companies delivering advocacy, expert medical opinion, and primary care and mental health services have enabled us to announce an entirely new industry category: Personalized Healthcare. Personalized Healthcare is personal, data driven and value based — everything needed to drive better health outcomes and better business results. If you haven’t yet read about our new category in more detail, take a moment to read through this post from Rajeev Singh, our CEO. 

Introducing our new solutions portfolio 

We're excited to share more about the solutions and capabilities that enabled us to announce Personalized Healthcare. The addition of care delivery to our portfolio means that we provide an exceptional experience to members and their families throughout their entire journey. It means that doctors have seamless access to a member’s health information. That Accolade Health Assistants can join appointments, if requested. Depending on the solution a customer chooses, we can be with their people every step of the way. 

Here is our new solutions portfolio: 

  • Accolade Care: virtual primary and mental health care

  • Accolade Expert MD: personalized video consultations with expert specialist physicians 

  • Accolade Advocacy: suite of advocacy solutions offering personalized guidance and expertise for all benefits and clinical needs, with flexible options to provide integrated member and population health services

  • Accolade One: full set of advocacy, care and clinical capabilities delivered in a value-based payment design

Let’s take a look at the tools and models that make Personalized Healthcare possible.

Accolade’s 24/7 Care Team puts human connection first

One of most important elements of Personalized Healthcare is our 24/7 Care Team. They put the “personal” in Personalized Healthcare every single day and exemplify the fact that we prioritize human connections that are informed by AI and data — not ruled by them.

Our 24/7 Care Team consists of primary care doctors who trained at the top 50 medical schools, licensed behavioral health therapists, nurses, pharmacists and benefits experts. With one phone call at any time of the day or night, we provide a single point of contact for all things healthcare. From quickly and conveniently speaking to a caring physician, to finding a highly rated specialist in your neighborhood, to getting a prescription faster, to working through tricky insurance claims, our 24/7 Care Team handles it all for your people — throughout every step of the healthcare journey, forever.

A Care EQ model creates a trusted experience

As members engage with our 24/7 Care Team, they have a uniquely human experience. This is because our 24/7 Care Team is deeply trained in our Care EQ model, which harnesses the power of data, clinical assessments and empathetic listening to build an experience that creates trust. This trust-based experience is grounded in the principles of behavioral science, making it possible for our 24/7 Care Team to understand the context of the member’s situation, thoughtfully discuss all the options and influence them to the right care. 

Importantly, the Care EQ model helps to form a real patient-doctor relationship. Our physicians focus on the person — not an electronic medical record that distracts their attention. They ask meaningful questions, listen carefully and build a personalized care plan.

A True Health Engine powered by artificial intelligence

Our 24/7 Care Team’s work is powered by healthcare AI that includes proprietary data on member engagement. The True Health Engine makes those human connections with your people more meaningful. While it works entirely behind the scenes, collecting data from dozens of sources, your people will notice an immediate impact on their healthcare. The True Health Engine identifies every place something could go wrong in the patient’s healthcare journey and then makes thousands of tiny adjustments to keep them on the right path. Which leads us to the next critical element.

A True Health Action Plan to guide members 

Accolade weaves together medical history, assessment scores, 24/7 Care Team interactions, doctor visits and more to create a step-by-step True Health Action Plan for our members. We make sure they stay healthy by personalizing the plan, from preventive to chronic condition care. We always know what comes next — from which doctor they need to speak with to what appointments are coming up to what kind of treatment plans to consider. 

A True Health Dashboard to guide population health decisions 

Customers will see all this information and data via our True Health Dashboard, which provides a single pane of glass for tracking population health, engagement, cost and results. It’s all based on data that delivers actionable insights, helping customers improve and optimize programs that drive business outcomes like employee satisfaction and cost savings. 

That’s Personalized Healthcare. A 24/7 Care Team that people trust. Capabilities and solutions that help people make the right healthcare decisions for their needs and situation. Put it all together, and you’ve got a completely new experience that members will love. 

For more information about our solutions, visit or contact us.

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