October 10, 2020

Accolade and LabCorp Partner to Enable Access to Pixel Home COVID Tests

By Accolade


We’re excited to announce our partnership with Pixel by LabCorp™ to enable access to at-home test collection to Accolade members and their families. Building on our Accolade COVID Response Care solution, this partnership allows us to enable access to at-home COVID test collection kits to support employers and their teams through the next phase of this pandemic.

The onset of COVID-19 has made one thing abundantly clear – virtual visits and at-home access to testing are here to stay. People want access to more convenient, less time-intensive care, including for testing. Now we are able to offer the convenience of at-home test collection instead of having to take a test in a lab or doctor’s office, or traveling to another testing location. The added bonus is that at-home test collection can be more cost-effective for the employer than onsite testing.

Through this new partnership with LabCorp Employer Services (LES), Accolade will enable access to Pixel by LabCorp into our suite of employee health solutions including Accolade COVID Response Care.

As the COVID pandemic continues to shape the healthcare experience of patients and providers alike, at-home access and remote care options are increasingly important to patients and providers. Whether it’s at-home access to a COVID test or new virtual mental healthcare options , Accolade is supporting members as they look for ways to access treatment without entering a doctor’s office and live their healthiest lives on their own terms

To take advantage of the new Accolade COVID Response Care at-home test collection option, members should engage with the Accolade frontline care team, which will support employees through the process of obtaining a health screening, and then connect them with Pixel by LabCorp.

For COVID-19 testing, LabCorp’s FDA emergency use authorized COVID-19 test collection kits will be mailed to employees’ homes for self-collection, similar to the popular process for ordering at-home DNA test collection. The Pixel kits include everything needed to collect a nasal swab sample that can be placed in a FedEx drop box and sent to LabCorp for processing.

Accolade’s frontline care workers stay engaged with each member throughout the journey - answering questions, helping to lower stress & anxiety, updating the member on updated CDC protocols and much more. Once the results are received, they are integrated with our platform and our frontline care workers can view the report as part of their COVID-19 holistic care support for the member. This personalized approach provides unique support at a time when there are many questions around both results and next steps prompted by test results

Test results are typically available to employees 24-48 hours after the kit is received at the lab and can be accessed online, providing a convenient and simple method for getting to results and a care plan.

Bringing the opportunity of the LabCorp Pixel at-home test to our 1.7 million members was the right choice as we were looking for the best in the business. LabCorp is a leading global life sciences company that is deeply integrated in guiding patient care through its comprehensive clinical laboratory. LabCorp tests more than 3 million patient samples a week, and as a pioneer in COVID testing, has performed over 13 million COVID tests. LabCorp Employer Services offers employee/participant programs related to return to work, wellness and vaccination strategies.

As with our recent announcement with Ginger to expand access to on-demand mental health care, Accolade is committed to meet the evolving needs of employers and their employees as they navigate the pandemic and its impacts. For us, it is about empowering people to live their healthiest lives.