May 12, 2020

Gut Health with Vivante Health

By Samantha Steinwinder

What we’re talking about now is the gut – and the gastrointestinal (GI) issues that can be punishing for people in their lives – at home, at work, at soccer games and the grocery store. GI issues often create the quiet sufferer who feels confused and alone, not sure where to start or when to have the conversation about what’s happening inside. According to NEJM Journal Watch1, 60 to 70 million people have GI issues in our country – by comparison, that’s more than twice those with diabetes. 1 Yet, diabetes is one of the most commonly discussed conditions. And so what of the 60 million plus GI sufferers who also need support?

That number is staggering. If a health issue impacts the lives of 60 million people, we need to talk about it. We’re having important health conversations with many of our members every day, inviting them to speak or message with their Accolade Health Assistant and other clinicians who can support the member as their trusted resource for clear information. We provide a path to finding high-quality providers, and support members in accessing specialists and specialized partners that can provide them medical care for their conditions.

Vivante Health Joins the Accolade Partner Ecosystem and Trusted Supplier Program

With our new partner Vivante Health by our side, Accolade’s ability to provide members with GI support is now stronger than ever. Vivante Health is a leader in digital medicine for digestive health and disease, and our latest ally in the Accolade partner ecosystem – including a member of our Trusted Supplier program (more on that below).

Vivante takes a highly innovative, digital approach to healthcare by going to the root of chronic conditions – the gut. The company invented GIThrive, the all-in-one digital program for digestive health and disease that brings together cutting-edge science, smart technology and on-demand human support in one convenient place — on your smartphone. GIThrive empowers people to improve digestive health through features like gut microbiome testing, self-paced education, unlimited access to registered dietitian, and personalized therapeutic nutrition. Because so many chronic (and expensive) diseases are related to digestion, the Vivante team believes that when digestive health improves, the results go far beyond the gut. Like us, they are laser focused on improving health while lowering cost of care.

Vivante Health and Accolade will integrate our solutions in a way that works to drive engagement in both Accolade and Vivante’s GIThrive for members who are looking to achieve better digestive health. Accolade Health Assistants and Nurses will collaborate with the GIThrive Care Team and platform to ensure members have a seamless, high-quality experience – in an effort to improve their health, costs and overall experience.


Latest Partner to join Accolade’s Expanding Trusted Supplier Program

Vivante Health’s GIThrive program fits nicely in Accolade’s open and connected platform, which integrates highly innovative and effective benefits from a wide array of options. Through the Accolade Trusted Supplier Program, Accolade and its partners can create integrated, personalized, high-quality experiences, value and results for employers and their people.

Trusted Suppliers work with Accolade to bring our shared employer customers and their families specialized support and resources across a range of clinical categories – including diabetes, GI health, second opinion, telemedicine, women’s health and more. The TSP can target specific employee populations with communications and engagement programs to support their unique needs and goals. Some of Accolade’s current TSP partners include Hinge Health, Livongo, Ovia and Teladoc Health, with new partners joining as vetting and other requirements are evaluated and met.

Accolade’s TSP features an in-depth validation process to ensure each solution offered to employers is vetted, as we work to ensure Accolade partners meet our high standards for quality, reliability and user experience. As such, the Accolade TSP eases the burden on HR teams by having Accolade consolidate and manage benefit program selection, auditing (financial, security and clinical), contracting, billing, governance management and reporting.

We are thrilled to expand and integrate such important clinical programs such as GI health into the Accolade partner ecosystem. We look forward to elevating the conversations and care support for our shared members with Vivante Health.

Let’s get talking!