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What we’re doing this year to create simple, more convenient experiences

May 07, 2024 | 3 min read

Too often, the healthcare system claims to be about people but isn’t adjusted for people. It forces them to maintain and access separate accounts with multiple providers, pharmacies, insurers, and support services. The disconnected silos leave people wondering, “Why do I have to fill out another intake form?” and “Why isn’t this office connected to that one?” It’s all very overwhelming and frustrating.

Accolade keeps our members at the center of what we do. We offer resources and solutions that piece together a fragmented healthcare system. The result is an experience that people love because it’s built with people in mind. Here are some of the product and technology updates we’re making this year to give members the care they need and ensure their experiences are simple, convenient, and connected.

Enhancing the Accolade member app

Last year, we fully integrated the virtual care experience into the Accolade app, making it easier to access whole-person care. We also gave members the ability to request an Expert Medical Opinion in the Accolade app. This year, we’ll continue to unify our services by adding the full functionality of our 2nd.MD by Accolade experience into the app. Members will have a seamless in-app experience that allows them to access advocacy, virtual primary care, and second opinion services all in one place.

Connecting members to their healthcare data

Accolade physicians are available for same- and next-day appointments for urgent, preventive, and chronic care. When a member visits one of our primary care providers, we can access data from the member's other providers and seamlessly share information back with them after the appointment. We’re also improving the time it takes to go out and collect member records. Our ongoing updates and commitment to physician-led advocacy means that member data is securely shared with the member’s entire care team, enabling complete, whole-person care.

Using intelligent technology for improved service

As the Accolade team continues to update and improve our services, we always listen to member and customer feedback. This includes enhancing our self-serve options for members and improving our dashboard for customers. Our updates will feature improved provider searches and AI options that allow members to find answers quickly, access content they need, or see their next best steps. We’re also adding features that ensure all high-cost claimants receive outreach and engagement from Accolade. In addition, customers will have an easy way to see the benefits they provide, contextualize data, and understand the results they’re seeing.

Delivering better member experiences

Accolade is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare experience. Making care simple, convenient, and connected ensures seamless, people-friendly healthcare. These member app enhancements, health information sharing improvements, and customer data upgrades not only allow for more efficient, effective care, they also reflect our unwavering dedication to exceptional healthcare experiences.

Our obsession with healthcare experiences drives our continued commitment to enhance our services. “In addition to improving member and customer experiences, we’re focused on ensuring that members get the care they need,” said Ryan McQuaid, Chief Product Officer, Accolade. “That’s reflected in everything we do. From True Health Actions and care navigation programs to getting people to virtual primary care and EMO consults, we make sure that we engage, reach out, and leave nobody behind.”

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