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Five ways Accolade supports your employees' weight loss with GLP-1s

By James Wantuck, MD, associate chief medical officer, Accolade | December 06, 2023 | 2 min read

Accolade empowers employees to navigate healthcare, focusing on guiding employers in understanding their role in the obesity care continuum. Our strategy, built on a personalized, comprehensive metabolic healthcare plan, uniquely positions us to provide immediate access to physicians and care advocates while guiding employees in making informed health decisions. This level of support is unique to Accolade, providing employees with an unparalleled resource for managing their health and well-being.

Should GLP-1s be part of the treatment plan for obesity among your workforce, discover five ways Accolade aids in their successful weight loss journey with GLP-1s:

  1. 1. Educational support: Accolade empowers employers to enlighten their employees about GLP-1s, the possible side effects, and the ongoing healthcare journey necessary while using this medication. This includes understanding what GLP-1s are, why they might be considering them, and what to expect when starting this treatment.

  2. 2. Managing side effects: With Accolade's 24/7 access to healthcare professionals, employees can immediately contact a doctor if they experience severe side effects or have questions, ensuring they receive timely advice and assistance.

  3. 3. Dosage guidance: Accolade's team of medical professionals can help optimize dosing of GLP-1s and ensure employees are maximizing the value of the medication.

  4. 4. Maintenance support: As employees progress with their treatment, Accolade continues to support them by making dose adjustments, spacing out dosing schedules, and helps them come off the medication if and when appropriate.

  5. 5. Lifestyle support: Alongside medication, Accolade physicians provide education and support on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our care advocates can help employees understand their employer's nutrition benefits and provide support for implementing and maintaining lifestyle changes. 

Contact us to learn how Accolade can help navigate the GLP-1 landscape.

To learn more about what employers think and are planning for around GLP-1s for weight loss, download our full report: How employers view the weight-loss medication tsunami 

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