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March 5 2020

Code Review Matters

If we can’t understand each other, we’ll never understand each other’s code,” said Accolade Senior Engineering Manager Ben Horst.


June 4 2018

Quality Lessons Learned at Accolade

In modern DevOps oriented world each team is responsible for quality. However, without some measures in place, the perception of quality across the teams or even the organization starts to diverge. This post sums up lessons learned related to quality, gaps in shared languages, the impacts of these on an organization, and how we have overcome these challenges.


May 3 2018

Data Quality by Design

Ultimately, data quality can neither be bolted on as an afterthought, nor assigned to a single team to implement across the organization. It must be addressed by design, and become part of every Agile team’s responsibility, just like any other quality requirement.