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Four ways Accolade engages employees with their benefits

By Accolade | August 29, 2022 | 4 min read

Employee engagement is key to keeping your employees happy, recruiting new talent and growing your company. A 2018 survey found that 78% of employees are more likely to stay in their current role for the benefits than for other factors. [1] But not all benefits solutions are created equal, and each employee has different needs to address.

Human resources professionals spend a lot of time and energy identifying benefits that will keep their people happy and healthy. Accolade’s personalized healthcare solution helps your people overcome common barriers to care — like not being able to find a doctor — and get the most out of those benefits, easily and effectively while freeing up your HR team to do bigger picture work. 

Accolade connects with your people to help them understand their benefits and make the best healthcare decisions. Our healthcare professionals dedicate themselves to learning your employees’ individual needs and ensuring that they receive the best care possible by leveraging the benefits your team provides.  

We engage employees with four key techniques:  

  • Taking a personal and proactive approach to healthcare 

  • Developing an understanding of your people’s individual needs 

  • Providing comprehensive, data-driven support for members 

  • Building meaningful long-term relationships with every person we serve 

Engaging members personally and proactively 

With Accolade, your people and their families have a team of nurses and healthcare experts on their side who engage with them proactively and personally to provide the best care. Our healthcare experts are your people’s first point of contact for all benefits questions — from health benefits to financial benefits, our experts answer your employees’ questions and find the right solutions for them. Each interaction with a member also helps us learn more about their health and personal needs and build trusting relationships with them. 

We fine tune our understanding of each person, which enables us to reach out proactively to guide members to the right benefits, saving them time and effort. With Accolade, your people aren’t speaking to a stranger on the phone but engaging with a trusted professional.

Understanding people’s needs and benefits 

We understand your people’s needs and benefits. As a result, they are more satisfied with their healthcare experience. Accolade provides access to nurses and healthcare experts who simplify and coordinate your people’s healthcare journey. They provide personalized recommendations and support them every step of the way — and they routinely follow up with members to ensure their care is continuing to work for them in the long term. 

The result is that employees with Accolade express greater satisfaction with their employer, their healthcare experience and their health plan. This is a key driver for overall employee engagement and helps to create a positive experience for your employees both in the office and outside it. Eighty-five percent of Accolade members say their benefits are better than those of their previous employer versus 62% of non-members. [2]

Accolade’s care team can help your people overcome common barriers to care — such as lacking access to mental health professionals in their area — because we understand their needs and the benefits available to them. We connect them with the services your team already provides so that they're getting the most out of every benefit.

Delivering comprehensive, data-driven support 

We deliver comprehensive, data-driven support to every member. Our team uses artificial intelligence and advanced technology that we have refined for more than 13 years. These tools allow us to create a personalized portrait of every member and prioritize the most relevant, achievable and valuable interventions for them.  

With Accolade, members are never left in the dark about the reasoning behind our healthcare experts’ guidance. Our data-driven approach strengthens the relationships our healthcare experts develop with your people by ensuring those relationships deliver the right care for each member. This data-driven healthcare model is constantly evolving as we analyze our results and look for ways to improve the experience for every member.  

Building meaningful, long-term relationships  

We pride ourselves on building meaningful, long-term relationships with your people. When they reach out to Accolade, they’re not talking to a stranger but to an advocate who understands their healthcare needs, their personal circumstances and how the two impact one another. Blending behavioral science techniques, industry best practices and a commitment to ongoing learning has allowed Accolade to create an exceptional member experience – one that gets better over time.  

Because our approach is driven by data and delivered by empathetic care team members, we build lasting relationships with the people we serve. Your people get to know us and trust that we will be with them on every step of their healthcare journey, providing expert guidance with their best interests at mind. Our team’s commitment to your people’s care, well-being and happiness creates a healthcare solution that employees enjoy. 

Providing a healthcare experience that sets your organization apart 

Through an easy-to-navigate, personalized healthcare experience, Accolade provides the best possible care. Our engagement approach reaches employees of all risk levels and stays connected with them for the long run. Whatever a member’s needs are and however they change over time, our team is here to support them. To learn more about how Accolade can support your people and improve their healthcare experience, schedule a demo today.

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