September 21, 2020

Here’s how Accolade is helping ensure every employee can vote in 2020

By Accolade


Accolade is a company built on listening to people, understanding their concerns, and helping them find solutions. That’s what we do.

Voting is how we as citizens make our voices heard, communicate the things that concern us, and get our leaders and representatives to take action on them. That’s why Accolade as an organization takes voting seriously, especially this year.

As a company, we’re encouraging every member of Accolade’s staff to vote in this election and every election. And because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic stands to make voting this year a more complicated proposition than normal, it’s our responsibility as an organization to take measures to help ensure every Accolade employee has the opportunity to vote in 2020.

To that end, here are some of the steps we’re taking in the leadup to election day.

Voting registration resources

The first step to voting is making sure you’re registered, and deadline for voter registration is fast approaching in most states. That’s why we’ve made a set of voting resources for each of the seven U.S. states where Accolade has more than ten employees available on our intranet.

This guide aims to help the vast majority of Accolade employees ensure they’re prepared to cast their ballot on November 3, or sooner. Accolade staff can access links to confirm their voter registration is up to date, get registered, find their polling place for election day on November 3, and request a mail-in ballot.

We’re also designating some employees as internal voting champions. These individuals will be available to help other employees understand what boxes they need to check before they can check the boxes of their ballot this year.

Volunteer PTO can be used to work at a polling place

We’re also helping Accolade employees understand how they can serve as much-needed poll workers on election day. Accolade employees will also be able to use their annual volunteer PTO day to serve as a poll worker without missing any hours.

No meetings on election day

In addition to providing resources, we want to make sure that Accolade employees actually have the time and ability to cast their vote. To that end, we’re making Tuesday, November 3 a no-meeting day across Accolade to maximize scheduling flexibility for all our staff.