September 1, 2020

Managing COVID-19 cases and return to work safety certification

By Accolade


Welcome to the final blog in our series exploring how employers can manage the COVID-19 pandemic and keep their teams healthy and supported. To learn more, read past posts on preventing COVID-19 and and providing support for employees who need to access testing.

While prevention is the best-case scenario for COVID-19, it’s not realistic to think that every case can be avoided. Indeed, any strategy for minimizing the impact of COVID-19 has to acknowledge that some employees will get sick.

That means helping employees who come down with COVID access the care they need during their illness and to return to the workplace when it’s safe for them and their coworkers to do so. These two intertwined priorities are at the heart of Accolade’s COVID-19 clinical solution COVID Response Care.

Managing COVID-19 care

Getting diagnosed with an illness is never a pleasant experience, but individuals who learn they’ve come down with COVID-19 are in for particularly jarring experience. They face not only the reality of managing a condition with the potential for serious implications on their health, but also one they could potentially spread to others, including their loved ones and others close to them.

Accolade nurses are available via phone and online messaging to educate patients about COVID and help them understand how to safely quarantine and prevent further spread. These healthcare professionals will conduct regular check-ins with patients to monitor their progress, see how they’re coping, and get them into additional care if needed.

Returning to work, and to normalcy

Consistent communication with Accolade’s clinical support staff during a bout of COVID-19 makes it easy for employees who are infected to not only understand how best to manage it, but also to understand how it impacts others and prepare for what comes next. While COVID-19 can be a scary diagnosis, partnering with Accolade ensures that your employees won’t have to navigate it alone. As part of Accolade’s clinical model for managing COVID-19, members who test positive will be connected with a nurse to help them through every stage of their care journey.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, Accolade’s frontline care team takes point on contact tracing to understand who an infected employee has come in contact with. Accolade staff will reach out, discreetly and securely, to inform those parties that they’ve had contact with a COVID-19 positive individual and advise them on what steps they need to take next including testing and staying at home

Having a nurse keep in regular contact with COVID-19 positive employees also lets Accolade guide them through the steps to get back to work with confidence. Our care team will not only monitor the ailing member’s recovery but will also help understand when it’s appropriate for them to get back on the job. This may include further testing to confirm they are now COVID-19 negative. That negative test, along with confirmation from Accolade that the employee has completed their care plan under the guidance of a medical professional, lets us issue return to work verifications that your organization can rely on to create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers.

To learn more about how Accolade can help your company build a one-stop strategy for managing COVID-19 and ensure your employees can carry out their work with confidence, schedule a demo with an Accolade representative today