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Three reasons why your company needs Mental Health Integrated Care

September 7, 2022 | 4 min read

Unfortunately, mental health challenges have become far too common and are seen as normal. Accolade can help turn these challenges into an opportunity for support and guidance. According to a 2021 survey, 67% of respondents reported experiencing at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year, which was up from 59% in 2019.[1] It’s time to change that.  

As an employer, it can be hard to know if you are offering enough mental health resources for your people and their families — 63% of employees reported that their employers could be providing more mental health support.[2] In addition, 43% of employees want expanded access to mental health services.[3] Here are three reasons why you’ll want to prioritize the mental health of your people. 

Lower mental healthcare costs

The steadily increasing cost of care for conditions like anxiety and depression have impacted employers’ healthcare expenses as well as contributed to productivity losses. With Accolade in your corner, the trend line is different — companies can support their employees’ mental health, while reducing the overall costs of mental healthcare. 

A study by the independent analysts at Aon showed that, compared to a matched control group, Accolade customers reduced spending for members with mental anxiety conditions by 8% in their first year alone. 

While we expect mental healthcare expenses to continue to rise for companies each year, that trend can be different with Accolade. By using data to power personalized advocacy for every member, Accolade’s 24/7 Care Team helps companies provide the right care for their employees while saving on healthcare expenses at the same time.  

Reduce the stigma and increase mental health wellbeing

More than 70% of the employees who engaged with the Accolade’s Mental Health Integrated Care solution showed improvements in symptoms such as depression and anxiety. By offering access to live chats with a behavioral health coach within just minutes, and therapy appointments in a matter of days, Mental Health Integrated Care makes it easy for employees to access the support they need. Members who engaged with this solution also saw a reduction in visits to emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.  

At Accolade, we proactively support the mental health needs of the workforce by identifying people with needs, reaching out to them and reducing the stigma around seeking mental health services. In collaboration with Ginger, we also provide timely, coordinated and integrated care. We don’t stop at utilization or access — we’re driven to achieve better health outcomes because your people and their families deserve it.  

Additionally, Mental Health Integrated Care now offers Headspace for Work providing people with unlimited access to Headspace which is the leading meditation and mindfulness app. The solution has also been expanded to include a preferred employee assistance program (EAP) partner which provides greater continuity of care for members — opposed to offering a standalone EAP.  

Support the whole family with mental healthcare for those 13 years and older

Want to know what’s even better? We expanded our partnership with Headspace Health — the leader in on-demand mental healthcare — to provide flexible, proactive mental health support for adults and teens alike. Now, Mental Health Integrated Care offers easy access to mental healthcare for every family member 13 years or older which includes: 

  • Behavioral coaching or psychiatry appointments 

  • Virtual therapy or psychiatry appointments scheduled within a few days 

  • A lowered risk of hospital admissions 

  • Guided self-care content designed specifically for teens 

In collaboration with Headspace, we instantly get people the level of emotional and mental health support they need. We also integrate it with their physical care.  

We believe physical and mental health are linked

Expanding mental health support to your people is not only important for your bottom line, but it’s also a medical necessity. We believe in the need to bring together mental and physical healthcare to improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs at the same time.  

Your human resources team shouldn’t have to tackle this on their own. Let Accolade and Ginger coordinate the care for your people by using a shared care plan, conducting joint case rounds and exchanging data. Accolade addresses physical health needs and collaborates with the member’s primary care physician — closing the gap of most mental health solutions. In turn, we see better outcomes, easier access to the right care, targeted outreach and reduced stigma. 

Mental Health Integrated Care was designed to complement our virtual primary care and integrated mental health solution, Accolade Care. Together, they offer additional entry points to mental health support. Separately, Mental Health Integrated Care provides outreach based on claims and members can sign up directly with Ginger. At the same time, Accolade Care connects members engaged with their primary care physician’s support to therapists and incorporates mental health screenings in everyday care. 

To learn more about Mental Health Integrated Care and how you can provide your people — and their families — the mental healthcare they need, contact Accolade today.  




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