February 6, 2020

Bringing Personalized Healthcare and Benefits Support to Military Families – Welcome DHA!

By Mike McGee, Accolade SVP, GM, Government Solutions


More than 150 million employees and their family members in the U.S. have access to employer benefit plans designed to put them on the right track toward better health – from physical and emotional health to financial and professional well-being. That’s the good news. Where we know it gets tricky is fitting those benefits into a busy life, the juggling of work and family, hobbies and health, deciphering the healthcare process, and keeping track of it all with clarity and calm.

One segment of Americans managing busy and often challenging professional and personal lives are the honorable men and women protecting and serving our country. Today, Accolade is proud to welcome the Defense Health Agency (DHA) into the Accolade community, where tens of thousands beneficiaries of the DHA TRICARE health plan can now Ask Accolade for personalized support around navigating their healthcare and benefits needs.

As a Navy veteran myself, I am thrilled to know that Accolade is on point to help the DHA meet their goals of improving health outcomes for their members, increasing the use of valuable healthcare resources, and decreasing wasteful utilization – all of which create healthcare cost savings for the agency. Accolade will support DHA beneficiaries with accessing care and understanding their benefits for some of the most complex medical conditions – often the people managing multiple doctors, health concerns, care plans, medications, appointments and bills. Accolade’s clinical team will be their advocate and partner throughout their care journey and will support the DHA in creating healthcare costs savings that impact their members and the agency.

Accolade will provide DHA TRICARE members its secure, technology-powered solution through dedicated Accolade nurses available on mobile, online and phone. Members face structural, clinical, financial, and administrative challenges in managing their health and wellness. We will help them understand and use their benefits effectively; increase their engagement in the right benefits at the right time; make informed decisions about their care options, such as assisting with finding high-quality providers; prepare them for doctor visits and hospital admissions and discharges; and help them understand diagnostic tests, test alternatives, costs, risks, and treatment options. And we’ll listen, to both them and their doctors, with whom we’ll collaborate and help coordinate care plans at every stage.

Accolade has proven its model reduces complexity and positively impacts the health and wellbeing of its members, along with creating healthcare savings for employers in various industries and locations around the country. Our commitment to helping people live their healthiest lives starts with being there for them when they need us most – from trying to understand their benefits and the healthcare system, to navigating through the middle of it.

Accolade is offered as a new benefit to a group of TRICARE Select beneficiaries. The TRICARE Program provides insurance to millions of individuals through private healthcare providers and the DHA’s network of military hospitals, medical clinics and dental facilities around the world, and serves all branches of the military – Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. The healthcare experience of Accolade nurses in navigating health benefits and understanding key health and contextual issues – like behavioral health – will augment the capabilities already offered within TRICARE to better support the DHA population.

The DHA falls under the U.S. Defense Department’s Military Health System, which is designed to improve the readiness of America’s forces and the health care provided to warfighters, retirees and their families. The DHA is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency that enables the Army, Navy and Air Force with the medical services needed for Combatant Commands in both peacetime and wartime.

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