August 4, 2019

Accolade Total Care: High-Quality, Coordinated Care for Every Person, Every Time

By Peggy Fischer

Rajeev Singh, Rajeev Singh, CEO

More than a decade has passed—12 years, to be precise—since the healthcare industry called for bold innovation to achieve three goals: improve the patient experience and outcomes, improve the health of populations and, at the same time, reduce healthcare costs. The industry calls it the Triple Aim. And there's been no shortage of energy put forward to achieve it—to the tune of more than $36 billion invested in digital health innovation alone since 2011.1

But consumers aren't happy. In fact, the vast majority—more than 80 percent—are dissatisfied with their healthcare experience2 today. Clinical outcomes are not what they should be. Healthcare costs continue to rise, making up a stunning 18 percent of our country's gross domestic product with no sign of reversing course. On every vector—quality, consumer experience, and cost—our healthcare system must improve.

At Accolade, we've been laser focused on the challenge. For more than a decade (12 years, in fact), we've been innovating to make healthcare work better for self-insured employers and their people. We personalize healthcare and benefits support to help individuals and their families make the best decisions at every juncture. When we do, health outcomes improve, people are happier, and costs come down. But our work won't be done until every consumer—well beyond the roughly 1.6 million we serve today—gets the high-quality, coordinated care they deserve, not just once but every time.

Today marks an exciting milestone in that effort. On August 1, Accolade announced a new healthcare solution that takes aim at a few critical moments in each person's healthcare journey—points of inefficiency that can take a major toll on a person's health and happiness, and their employer's bottom line as well.

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